Nutrition and Fitness with Hope                                  Nutrition and Fitness are Disease Prevention and Management!​


Body Composition (body fat/water) Analysis

​Scales lie sometimes.  Weight measurement alone does not tell you how much body fat you have.  You need fat in your body to live but if it's on the excess it may put you at risk for developing some chronic diseases.  Maintaining a healthy fat percentage can help you lower the risk and prevent or delay onset of the chronic diseases.  That is why Nutrition and Fitness with Hope has added a professional body fat and fluid analyzer to their services.  We will help you analyze, monitor your body fat and work with you around dietary habits and individualized exercise program that work to lower the percentage body fat.  We will also keep an eye on your body water composition.  It is vital to stay properly hydrated.  Proper hydration helps keep your body feel great and perform at its best. You get a more accurate measure of your success with body composition analyzer.
Take our 16 week guaranteed healthy weight loss program.  Our pay-as-you-go program is equally as good.  We are  goal oriented.
Are you underweight and would like to gain some body weight?

Underweight/low body fat is associated with osteoporosis and infertility.  Nutrition and Fitness with Hope will help bring up the weight to your ideal body weight

We serve Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Milton, Toronto, Georgetown, Orangeville, Peel  Region, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Burlington, Greater Toronto Area.  Clients from other cities are welcome.

Some insurance companies or health plans cover Dietitian’s or nutrition fees 

Take charge of your health.

Nutrition and Fitness are Disease Prevention and Management!


Losing weight is easy if you know what you are doing.  A healthy and successful weight loss must include both healthy eating lifestyle and adequate physical activities (exercise) for your age, gender, and body size.  Forget the fad-diets.  They don't work and they may put you at risk for some health problems.  Work with our experienced Registered Dietitian, nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Certified Diabetes Educator who will help you develop good dietary habits and better physically fit body.  You will absolutely get stronger while losing weight

Obesity/overweight: A condition of too much body fat. It is currently seen as an epidemic affecting millions of people in Canada. It is on the rise. It is caused by energy imbalance. 

Is your waist circumference more than 95cm (37inches)-for men or more than 85cm (33.5 inches)-for women?  Abdominal obesity is associated with insulin resistance which can lead to type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases.  Studies have shown that losing 5 to 10% of body weight within 6 months significantly reduces the risk.  Learn simple, effective, natural, and healthy way of losing the excess fat and keeping it off.  We discourage fad diets. We assess, analyze, and follow up on body fat.  Find out your body fat levels.  Learn how to reduce your body fat and build leaner muscleS day by day. 

Our Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Certified Personal or Fitness Trainer is ready to motivate and help you reach your body weight goal for a stronger and healthier you.  She is a food and nutrition and fitness expert.  She will follow up closely on your dietary intake while monitoring both the portion sizes and the quality.  She will design your fitness program and work with you.

Are you underweight and you want to gain some weight?  Being underweight is associated with some health problems such as infertility and osteoporosis. 

Have you ever wondered how much calories (energy), protein, fat/oil, and carbohydrates you need to maintain your daily needs?

 Health Canada recommends no more than 30% of calories from fat, 15-20% from protein, and 50-55% from carbohydrate. The easiest way to achieve this is to know how much of these nutrients you can have in a day and how to apply the knowledge to your daily food intake. Our meal plans are highly individualized.  We take into consideration the following: your body size, nutritional needs, age, sex, foods you like and dislike, dietary habits, physical activity levels, and ethnic background. 

Weight Loss and Weight Gain